Respect to

This section is dedicated to the people who have played a special part in my life and helped me become the person and the professional I am.

Special thanks to my parents Mr. Maharaj Singh and Mrs. Shakuntala Singh, who filled my childhood with happiness and whose love and guidance, helped me make the right choices in my life until now.

I also want to thank my trainer Mr. Lokesh Gupta for his valuable guidance all those years I’m learn design. Now he is doing the same for another’s like me. I hope and pray a happy life forever for him.

Especially, I want to express my true feelings of respect and gratitude to my best friend Ritu Singh. Our friendship with Ritu started 6 years ago, when we were admitted to study animation. Since then we shared a lot of experiences and memories and she has always been next to me in both good and bad times. She has helped me in my life and in my career as a Creative Designer in the multimedia market. I wish for the best for her in every part of her life.

  1. Ritu Singh says:

    Dear Anjan,

    I never thought, that you will express your feelings for me in this manner. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank to Braj for sending me this link.. otherwise I would have never known my importance for you. We will always be friends. Forever. I will always be there for you. Its a promise.

    Your forever friend,

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